The Best Scenic Drives in Oregon

Best Scenic Drives In Oregon
The scenic drives that you take across Oregon in your Ford could open your eyes to so much more nature and culture than you might have even known about. It is very simple for people to drive Oregon because there are many winding highways and state routes. They have been featured in many different forms over the years, and they have become a part of the American fabric.

1. Where Are These Drives?

The drives are so much better than others around the country because of how the roads have been built to work with the landscape. There is a gorgeous drive just outside of Bend that you have to see for yourself, and it has even been used on TV before. You will see nothing but the luscious greens of the forests, and you could come to the coast to try the PCH.

2. The Coast

The Pacific Coast Highway is a wonderful way to take in this part of the Oregon landscape that you might have forgotten about. We get so entranced by the highways and byways of Oregon in forests that we forget there is so much coastal land. You must take a ride up the coast to have a look at the beautiful and vast landscapes that line the rocky coasts. You could take the PCH for most of your driver, and it will even land you in Portland where you might want to take a city drive.

3. The Portland City Drive

You must get in the hills just above the city so that you can see this rose metropolis from a new angle. This is the perfect mix of the lovely city and the forests, and it will enchant you because you feel like you are sneaking up on the city and viewing it in a new way.

4. Conclusion

The Oregon drives that you take will be wonderful in every way because they make you feel amazing. They bring you into a natural place that is beyond words, and they let you see something that you would not find in any other place in America. Try them at